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Picking a theme

Because I am lazy (and cheap), I decided a while ago to set up a free WordPress account.  The nice thing about WordPress (and a lot of the other blog hosting services) is that you can pick a pre-made theme and not have to worry about designing a page from scratch.  The horrible thing about WordPress is that you can only pick a pre-made theme and you can’t make any substantive modifications unless you pay.  Even then, my CSS editing skills are marginal, so it’s probably better that I choose a theme from the selection WordPress provides.

Except that they all kind of suck.  There are three or four templates that are decent, and I’d love to combine their elements together to make one beautiful blog, but I can’t.  I want a custom image header (for my gorgeous picture) and something simple, but I don’t want plain black and white, but ewww that is an ugly green, and what’s with that font, and can I really use a template called “Misty Day”?  Plus, since there are only about four themes that are decent, pretty much everyone uses them.  The template I’ve chosen is the same as a right-wing blog and an uber-douchey hipster blog, which I hate, but there’s really nothing I can do about it.

I guess I’ll just have to concentrate on my writing to set myself above and beyond the average right-wing, uber-douchey hipster blog.  Which makes me think I should just give up now.


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