Wow, that’s, uh, hateful…

I was trolling around CafePress looking at Republican thongs (for research), and ran across this:

197732629v4_480x480_Front_Color-WhiteI mean, there’s a lot of hateful shit in the Republican thong section (gag), but even this took me by surprise.



Filed under clothes, ew, politics

2 responses to “Wow, that’s, uh, hateful…

  1. threatqualitypress

    What…why would you wear that on your UNDERWEAR? Isn’t the only person who’s going to see it someone who is about to have sex with you?

    I feel like that would kind of spoil the mood.

    I mean, I hate Glen Beck, and I’m generally in favor of people saying terrible things about him. But not when my girlfriend and I are about to do it.

  2. truculentandunreliable

    Right? Don’t remind me of someone I despise when I’m about to get it on with you, okay? Weird.

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