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Every day is silent and grey…

I know you missed me.  I took a much-needed hiatus to rest my fingers from all the furious typing I’ve been doing to satisfy my readers’ demands for my brilliant writings.

Okay, not really.  I wasn’t lying when I said that I was lazy. I have plenty of ideas for posts, but I’m still working on them. And right now, all I want to do is look at pretty things.  So, taking a cue from my friend nadarine, I’m going to talk about things that I love and want but really shouldn’t buy.

I’ve been obsessed with grey lately and I’ve realized that I have very little of it in my wardrobe.  I want to make a concerted effort to phase out most of the black and replace it with grey because I think it looks better against my ghostly white skin.  There’s also something a little more modern about it–it can be used just like black but it’s so much softer and less conservative.  I have found about a million things in grey that I’d love to have, but below are some of my favorites.

The first are these boots, which I actually might get if I can make up my mind about them.  One side of my brain says “Hey, the only boots you have are galoshes.  You should spend money on a pair more practical. like those riding boots you’ve been imagining having for months,” but the other side of my brain says, “Grey suede!  YAAAAAAAAAY!”size2

I love 90% of the shit on Modcloth, but this dress is my current obsession.  It’s the perfect combination of girly and sexy.   marlene-dietrich1

And, speaking of grey and Modcloth, I have been lusting after this coat for quite a while.


I am slowly but surely starting to love clutches (I always thought they were so impractical, but now I’m seeing the beauty in impracticality),  and I think this one is the perfect combination of vintage-looking, yet modern.  The best is that it’s handmade right here in the good ol’ USA!


Aaaaand, here’s a pair of shoes that the fashion mags would call an “investment,” except that you’re never going to recoup your money, much less make more money off them.  Though I think it may still be wiser to invest your $600 into shoes instead of the stock market right now.  Better to be broke and look good than just broke.  Beauty in impracticality, right?  RIGHT?


Join me next week when I talk about navy!  Ooooh, such a wardrobe risk-taker!



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