If it’s Sunday…


I don’t really have many traditions or habits, but I do like to watch Meet the Press on Sundays as often as possible.  Laura Bush was on this morning talking about her initiatives for Afghan women.  I’m really happy to see her talking to the press about something that’s obviously important to her.  My guess is that she is probably relieved that her tenure as First Lady is over soon, and, unless I’m crazy, I think Dubya is pretty happy to be leaving office, as well.  I think the only bright spot in his legacy will be how gracefully he has handed the reins over to Obama (at least publicly).  Ted Turner was on as well, that crazy fucker, and was obviously irritating Brokaw by asserting that the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan was more justified than the United States’.  I can understand why Brokaw was a little flummoxed, because it’s a pretty bizarre argument.

I decided to use our vintage dishes for breakfast.  I don’t normally use them unless we have guests, because they’re hand-wash only and I’m, well, lazy.  But I’m trying to incorporate more beautiful things into my life and get pleasure from simple things, especially since the days are getting shorter and it’s grey and cold.  I’ll wash them soon and start on the cookies I’m making for my friends and family.


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  1. I giggled when Tom asked Laura how she and W would be splitting their time between their homes in Dallas and Crawford. I assume she’ll be in Dallas and send his dumb ass to Crawford.

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